Leveraging Global Talent and Creativity
About Us

Scoros establishes and operates dedicated
offshore IT and Software Development 

Our highly experienced team will help your company to achieve the following objectives:

  • Leverage global talent, capabilities and innovations
  • Substantially reduce software development and maintenance costs
  • Increase the quality of your software
  • Significantly cut research and development cycle time
  • Exercise full control over your offshore software team and fully integrate it into your development processes

The dedication of a group to your company means that work processes, terminology, and employee-to-employee relationships will promote organizational unity and create an effective working relationship with your company.
Mr. Razboff has a Master's Degree and a PhD in pure mathematics from the University of St. Petersburg., Russia.  Since he founded Scoros in 1990, the organization has executed for its clients over 200 research and development projects involving anywhere from a dozen to several hundred employees.
Prior to starting Scoros Mr. Razboff had an extensive management career as a senior management executive having served as: Chairman of Celerity Solutions, a public US company in the supply chain management industry; Vice President of Cendant Software, a $900 million division of Cendant Corporation; CEO  of Capital Multimedia, a public US multimedia company; CEO of Animation Magic; Senior Vice President and CTO of Northern Light Group, LLC.

Igor Razboff
Founder / CEO
Philip Redmond has an MBA and a PhD. in pure mathematics from Harvard University, and a BA in Mathematics from Brown University. Mr. Redmond has over 25 years in consulting at The Boston Consulting Group and the LEK Partnership where, in addition to being on the professional staff, he also headed marketing for North America. As a principal and Chairman of Vannevar Management, Inc., Mr. Redmond developed M&A transactions for technology companies and executed venture capital financings. Additionally, Mr. Redmond was a senior executive and board member at Spinnaker Corporation, and has served as a board member for Celerity Solutions, a public supply chain management software provider. Earlier in his career, he was President of New South Ventures, Inc., a real estate investment company.

Philip Redmond
Tim Brown has a BA in Physics from Hamilton College and a Masters Degree from the University of Massachusetts. He is a Thomas Watson and NDEA Fellow. 
Tim Brown brings deep management experience to Scoros that spans his 35 year career in industry. He worked in Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Operations and General Management roles in various size companies.
Tim began his career in Engineering at Corning Glass Works and later managed Sales and Marketing at the Murata, Sprague Electric, Morgan Crucible corporations. Most recently Tim was Vice President of Marketing at Ark-les Corporation. Additionally, he ran two successful businesses, one at Morgan and the other at Ark-les. Mr. Brown also successfully repositioned several mature companies helping them return to growth and profitability. In addition to his knowledge of North American markets, Tim successfully established and managed organizations in Asia and Europe.

Tim Brown