Dedicated R&D
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Dedicated R&D

Scoros provides turnkey support in establishing, monitoring, managing, and fine-tuning of effective organizations in desired locations for our clients. Some of the services we provide on a turnkey basis are:

  • Hiring
  • All provisioning and office set-up
  • Financial management
  • Project management
  • Reporting, monitoring
  • Compliance with local laws and regulations
  • Problem solving

This approach is very different from traditional outsourcing. With outsourcing, a company hires a firm that has many clients to execute a project in a low cost location like India. The Scoros approach is different; we form a Russian company that works exclusively for an individual client.

Communication and control is wildly easier with our approach than with project outsourcing. Our clients can fully integrate their respective Dedicated R&D operations into the clients' development processes. Your offshore organization can adopt your development and control environment, project management systems, specification review practices, and problem reporting and classification procedures. The dedication of a group to your company alone means that work processes, terminology, and employee-to-employee relationships will promote organizational unity to bind the client and Dedicated R&D organization together in an effective working partnership.

Another advantage of our approach over outsourcing is that all intellectual property concerns are alleviated. There is no doubt who owns and has access to the intellectual property developed for you - you own it and it will never be used to support another client's project.

With outsourcing, the consulting firm you hire cannot fully adopt your procedures, terminology, etc., because they work for many clients, and the overriding economic necessity that they have is to be efficient across many client's projects. That means that they must have internally justified workflows. Likewise, they must balance their workforce across all the projects from all clients they have in house. And lastly, the work done by your outsource consultants will likely be recycled to other clients with similar needs. Outsourcers do this out of economic necessity, not because they do not respect intellectual property or contracts.

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