Leveraging Global Talent and Creativity
Local & Global Talent Acquision

We pride ourselves on our unique ability to identify, attract and retain  top quality software engineering talent at our offshore offices for our clients
Scoros is a Florida and Massachusetts based team that is focused on building strong relationships with our clients. No matter where you are located we have our team members that will work closely with you to implement your vision. We'll deeply understand your technical needs, develop a recruitment strategy and hire all needed personnel in an offshore location of your choice. Our unique business model will allow you to hire not only local talent but bring international talent as well into your offshore office.  Contact us today to discuss your vision, meet our team and get a better understanding of how we can improve your business. We look forward to working with you.
​Our list of accomplishments includes the following:​​​
  • Built offshore programming facilities in Mexico, Barbados, Singapore, England, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, etc. 
  • Built teams with expertise in Web Development, Social Media, Search Technology, CAD-CAM, Telecommunications, Supply Chain Management, Multimedia, etc.
  • Hired  hundreds of top level programmers and IT professionals in the US and internationally
  • Built offshore offices for a wide range of companies: from start-ups to multibilllon dollar Fortune 100 corporations
We have been hiring international programming talent for our North American clients since 1990! Over the years we have recruited programmers and IT professionals in many countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Serbia, England, Ireland, Caribbean Islands, Vietnam, Singapore, Phillippines and more.
Complete Office Set-up

Based on your needs we can help you determine the best offshore location for your software development team and deliver a turnkey office set-up
Our experience allows us not only to hire the best talent for you but also set-up your offshore programming facility in record time. You can start operating from your new facility with up to 20 IT/software engineers in just 3 months. Contact us today to get started.
​As a part of our services Scoros International, Inc, will:​
  • Research potential offshore locations and provide recommendations
  • Establish local supporting infrastructure that includes legal, accounting, procurement, real estate, telecommunications, janitorial and other services
  • Select an office space and sign a lease
  • Procure all furniture and equipment  for the offshore office
  • Maintain all equipment in perfect working order
Our first offshore offices were established in 1990  in St.Petersburg, Russia and Kiev, Ukraine. Recently, we set-up an offshore offices in Barbados, Singapore and Mexico.
Operations Management 

We provide full operations management for your offshore team that includes financial, legal and personnel management
We comply with all applicable laws in carrying out our work and perform all our activities in accordance with sound business practices and ethics in a manner which reflects favorably on our clients and their businesses.
​As we continue to grow with your business we shall:​​​​​​​
  • Continuously improve the quality of staff by attracting new and better talent
  • Maintain all equipment in perfect working order
  • Stay in compliance with all local laws and regulations
  • Maintain proper financial records and stay in compliance with all local tax laws
  • Cultivate positive team environment
  • Maintain high morale and excellent work ethics of the team
  • Identify and grow management talent
Efficient and effective Operations Management allows our clients to build better software at much lower costs and significantly reduce the cycle time of software development.