Dedicated R&D
Management Team


Creating a pipeline of innovative products that provide significant opportunities for incremental revenue is the key focus for companies. Companies such as Procter & Gamble Co. have decided to bring fifty percent of product ideas from outside of its walls. Scoros provides a mechanism to accomplish this strategy.

Our team of outstanding professionals long experienced in running global operations is ready to help our corporate clients in the areas below:

Research and Development
Scoros International establishes and operates dedicated R&D operations in Developing Economies for North American companies in order to leverage the skilled base of resources and the depth of technical development. Differentiated and effective Research and Development is critical to ensuring that innovative products become a success in the marketplace. For each selected product opportunity we bring together a powerful team consisting of world-renowned researchers and experts in various aspects of the technology.
Identification of researchers and scientists and evaluation of their work
Scoros identifies and establishes working relationships with world renowned researchers in the areas of interest to our clients. We help our clients to establish a working relationship with them in order to evaluate their capabilities and future potential for cooperation.
Product enhancements, technology improvements, new product development and prototyping
With access to thousands of world renowned innovators and research groups around the world Scoros can quickly organize product development and prototype building efforts. Due to the top quality of our researchers Scoros dramatically reduces new product introduction cycle time and thus significantly reduces the cost of innovations for our clients.
Feasibility and applicability studies
Scoros sets up, manages and monitors the continued process of adaptation of an innovation to the customer's needs.
Technology and innovation evaluation, identification of alternative technologies and approaches
Scoros helps companies to identify alternative methods and technologies. These alternatives, if timely identified, can provide strong differentiation, lower costs and better product offerings. Alternative approaches often result in modifications to products and technologies that combine several methods and further enhance new offerings. Since Scoros is working with innovations in many areas it often finds alternative methods and discoveries in seemingly unrelated industries that can provide a breakthrough for our clients.

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